I'm an artist & user interface designer with experience in five fields:

Running Horse logo with vines background

Fine Arts

Art is how I process and reflect upon the world. I work primarily in 2D (drawing, painting, mixed media), illustrating figures, environments, and metaphors. I was awarded the 30 Under 30 Massachusetts artist distinction twice. More recently, my focus has turned toward graphic design as a way to bridge my artistic and technical interests.

For more, see: my body of work, artist statement, the Firefly Beacon app, and my recent Artist Spotlight in Boston Hassle.

Baby spider plant


I'm up to the challenge of illuminating and visualizing complex ideas. Science was my favorite subject in grade school. I enrolled at MIT planning to major in chemistry or engineering, and instead focused on architecture and computer science. I'm most excited by opportunities where I can both learn about a subject and design for it.

Select science programming I've participated in: U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad, Biogen Community Lab, MIT Strobe Lab, World Oceans Day, Gastropod's seltzer episode Gettin' Fizzy with It.

Red balloon with cat face


Playing the piano and dancing brings me life and connects me to amazing people. 2004 – 14, I performed and/or choreographed for Cambridge Rindge and Latin School's Modern Dance Company, with shows at schools and outdoor festivals in the city. Performances have incorporated props such as balloons, as well as video projection. Most recently, I performed with Leah’s Chicas (all ladies Latin dance group), which tours the greater Boston area several times a year.

Brown Running Horse logo

The Running Horse logo is derived from the first illustration in my Chinese New Year series. The horse is moving and grounded at the same time, which is what I aspire toward in my work and life.